St. Luke's Leadership & Staff


St. Luke's Leadership & Staff

Get to know the St. Luke's family! To read the profiles of our Leadership & Staff, please click on the headshots.


The Rev. Caroline Stacey

Rectoroffice: 212-924-0562

The Rev. William Ogburn

Senior Associate office: 212-924-9327

The Rev. Bo Reynolds

Associate & School Chaplain office: 212-633-2099


David Shuler

Director of Musicoffice: 212-633-2167

Tony Serrano

Facilities Manageroffice: 212-924-3080

Amina Syedullah

Communications Manageroffice: 212-647-1837

Rita McCarthy

Thrift Shop Manageroffice: 212-924-9364

Kelsin Giron

Facilities Assistantoffice: 212-924-0562

Simone Richmond

Development and Outreach Manageroffice: 212.414.7442

David Tai

Business and Finance Manageroffice: 212-633-7817

Zarina Sanjana

Parish Office Administratoroffice: 212-924-0562