Our Mission ... Vision ... and Values


Our Mission ... Vision ... and Values

As members of the body of Christ gathered at St. Luke in the Fields, we are called to ministries of worship, witness, formation and hospitality. We seek to ensure that the Church of St. Luke in the Fields. will continue to add to the legacy we have received, and to participate fully in the life of both our city and the larger church. 


We gather to worship, witness, learn, grow, and serve, creating Jesus’ embrace through outreach, arts, educational programs and the sanctuary of our church and gardens.


We joyfully join the Holy Spirit to transform this world into the kingdom of God, celebrating the diversity and dignity of all creation, connecting people to each other and to the Divine.


 We set scripture, prayer and sacraments at the center of our communal life.

We practice inclusive hospitality, valuing diverse experiences and contributions from our parish, our neighbors, and the wider community.

We honor our progressive Anglo-Catholic heritage through our
service at the altar and our service to those in need.

We strive to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, giving our
highest and best to God in all that we do.