Mid-Career Group


Mid-Career Group

St. Luke’s has launched an exciting new fellowship and social group, targeted to people who are mid-career. 

With a vision of strengthening relationships among existing St. Luke’s members and constantly expanding St. Luke’s evangelism to our friends, contacts, and the communities in which we live, the Mid-Career Group’s future activities might include special events / exhibitions, drinks, fellowship in members’ homes, dinners, volunteering for one of St. Luke’s outreach programs, and other activities.

Join Us for a Tour of Armenia at The Met
Friday, October 19th at 6:30pm

We will meet in front of the ticket counter on the southeast corner of The Great Hall (entrance hall); attendees reserve /pay for tickets directly and individually; tour to begin promptly at 7pm.

To get more involved, please email The Mid-Career Group's convener, Jacob E. Miles at  .