"Conversations That Matter" UNITY & CHANGE


"Conversations That Matter" UNITY & CHANGE

UNITY & CHANGE | Music, Conversation, and a Call to Action for Gun Control

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Gun violence continues to take a heartbreaking and devastating toll on communities throughout the country. The statistics are staggering: In 2017 alone there were 61,805 incidents of gun violence that resulted in the deaths of 15,636 people and the injury of 31,245 more. According to a February 2018 Quinnipiac University poll, 66% of Americans support stricter gun laws. In spite of these numbers, our government continues to fail at enacting sweeping legislation to protect the public.

Watch this archival recording of an evening of UNITY & CHANGE with Grammy Award-winner Rosanne Cash, the Young People's Chorus of New York City with Francisco J. Núñez, John Rosenthal (Stop Handgun Violence), singer/songwriter Mark Erelli, and Kurt Andersen (Studio 360).

We encourage you to take action to help us to eliminate the profusion of guns in our culture. We need to vocally and physically campaign for sensible gun laws in our country. 

Please write to your Representative!

The NRA is a very powerful and influential lobbying force -- See their lobbying influence here: https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000000082

So please give to the following organizations that are fighting for sensible gun laws in our country: 

Stop Handgun Violence | Gun Control Advocacy

Everytown for Gun Safety | The Movement to End Gun Violence

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence | Gun Control Advocacy
www.nyagv.org| 212-679-2345

Conversations That Matter is a program that takes on issues that are important to all of us as a community. We seek to provide a safe space where diverse perspectives will be represented at each conversation. Our goals are to strengthen communities through respectful listening and dialogue; to build bridges of understanding between people of diverse experiences; to discover our common hopes and dreams.