GO Project at St. Luke's


GO Project at St. Luke's

COVID-19 Update:

GO Project’s on-site activities have been suspended, and the organization has swiftly transformed its program model to meet students’ and families’ immediate needs, including  remote academic support, translating and disseminating critical information, and referrals to essential services. The GO community has been hit especially hard by the pandemic. St. Luke’s is helping these activities to happen with ongoing financial support.

GO Project, founded in 1968 by parents and neighbors of Grace Church School, has a mission to close the opportunity gap for New York City's students. We do this by channeling additional resources to the city's youngest learners from the most under-resourced public schools who are most at risk of academic failure, and provide them with a high-quality academic, social and emotional enrichment and family support program that equips them with the skills needed for future success. Students participate in Saturday morning tutoring sessions, a 5-week academic and enrichment summer program, and year-round family support services each year.

As a volunteer, you can have a big impact on the students. Under the guidance of a GO Head Teacher, volunteer tutors work in the classroom with small groups of students on the teacher's lesson, providing close attention in order to help the students thrive. You can attend a one-time GO-St Luke's Day of Service this winter to try it on for size. You can also choose to be a Committed Volunteer, to come each Saturday in a given semester, with 3 allowed absences per session --- or, be a Floater Volunteer, and just come on the Saturdays that you are available.

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Hours of operation:

From October through April: 22 Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Summer: First week of July to the first week of August (5 weeks): Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm