GO Project at St. Luke's


GO Project at St. Luke's

Here at St. Luke's, we believe that all children deserve access to a quality education. Yet throughout our neighborhood and City, too many children don’t have the resources to make a good start.

GO Project at St. Luke’s serves students and their families who are the most at risk of academic failure. GO Project's approach is to partner with under-resourced and academically-struggling public school students at the earliest stage of their education and equip them with the skills needed for future success. GO Project, founded in 1968 by parishioners and parents at Grace Church, takes place in schools throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, on Saturdays during the school year and in the summer all week long.  St. Luke’s School donates its space, and supporters like you volunteer their time and fund this vital work. Through our year-round academic, enrichment and family support program, students are welcomed into a supportive community that fosters their growth.

How can we expect a child to engage academically when they haven’t eaten breakfast? How can they develop reading skills when their parents are working multiple jobs and cannot read to them before bed? At St. Luke’s GO, we feed them breakfast. We provide their families support, including translators in Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. We give them the literacy, math, and social and emotional skills they need to excel in public school, and far beyond.

Community building is at the heart of GO Project. Volunteer tutors work with small groups of two to four students, providing individualized attention which allows the students to thrive. We have a range of opportunities that offer you the chance to connect with children and adults in your community, develop professional skills, lend your expertise, and make a positive impact on our City. Click here to learn more and volunteer with GO.

Donate now to help fund GO at St. Luke's and give these children a good start in life. Click here to donate. Click “Give Online,” then “Quick Give,” and select “Outreach” from the drop-down menu.