GO Project at St. Luke's


GO Project at St. Luke's


GO Project, founded in 1968 by parents and neighbors of Grace Church School, has a mission to close the opportunity gap for New York City’s public school students. We do this by channeling additional resources to the city’s youngest most vulnerable learners from under-resourced schools, who are most at risk of academic failure, and provide them with a high-quality academic, social and emotional enrichment and family support program that equips them with the skills needed for future success. Students participate in Saturday morning tutoring sessions, a 5-week academic and enrichment summer program, and year-round family support services each year.

Many GO Project students who were once struggling and disengaged at school transform into the most dedicated students in the classroom. Instead of falling behind, GO students perform at or above grade level, are promoted to the next grade on time, and are accepted into high performing middle and high schools.

We are proud to be one of GO Project’s six campuses. Since 1994, volunteers from St. Luke’s Church and School communities have provided tutoring to public school children, and this laid the groundwork for the partnership with GO Project that began in 2016. We invite you to join us in this work. We place 3 to 5 dedicated people for these children in every single classroom, which means anywhere between a 3-to-1 and a 5-to-1 ratio.  This means that, as a volunteer, you and the teachers in the room are the ones the students are engaged with. So you have a big impact on the students. Not just in their math or reading, but their social skills, too: not just on their schoolwork, but in their lives.

Ongoing commitments are requested, but one-time opportunities are possible.

Contact for more information.

Hours of operation:

From October through April: 22 Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Summer: First week of July to the first week of August (5 weeks): Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:30 pm

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