How To Help Combat Acts of Violence and Racism


How To Help Combat Acts of Violence and Racism

“As baptized Christians and agents of justice, it is our mission to call out acts of violence and racism when and where and however we see them; to name it for what it is --  a sin.“

Read the Episcopal Urban Caucus’s full statement here.

What you can do now:


 Create intentional spiritual space. When joining others in prayer, practice, or meditation, this is a great opportunity to set an intention for your work together to support the movement.


 Help protect your neighbors by learning to copwatch while practicing social distancing, or sign up for a Know Your Rights training, at


Offer to be a “home base” contact for friends attending protests, rallies, and vigils. Have their full legal name, date of birth, and any medications that must be taken every 24-48 hours. Learn the numbers for your local National Lawyer’s Guild, local precincts, and local hospitals. Check in once an hour. Ask them to text you when they are leaving the event, when they arrive safely at home, and, as possible, if arrest seems imminent.

Offer childcare, away from the event in a private home, with a strong existing relationship between the children and their caregivers in case the parents are detained.  Or be a grounding self-care buddy or offer to create a safety plan for people who want to participate, who have anxiety or chronic pain: what your friend might need before and after, and what they will do if they get triggered or hurt.


Donate Here:

Campaign Zero
Campaign Zero analyzes policing practices, researches and identifies effective solutions to end police violence, assistss organizers with police accountability campaigns and develops model legislation and advocacy.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter’s mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and by vigilantes.

This emergency grassroots initiative helps those with the COVID-19 virus in NYC jails — the place COVID  is spreading faster than anywhere in the world

Free Them All for Public Health
Funds necessities for people held at Riker’s Island who are queer and trans, and help secure bail for those who have a COVID diagnosis.

 Communities United Against Police Brutality
An all-volunteer Twin-Cities based organization working to deal with police brutality on an ongoing basis.


Further Resources for Allies: