Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

Do You Need Pastoral Care?

Please let a clergy person know if you are having a hard time and need pastoral care.  There are a variety of forms this care might take.  For example, we can often arrange to visit you in the hospital or at home, we can have a Eucharistic Visitor bring you communion, we can offer a listening ear, and/or we can get you in touch with lay pastoral care givers in the parish.  Please contact Fr. Bo Reynolds if you have questions at 212.633.2099 or . For pastoral emergencies on nights and weekends, please call the emergency pastoral beeper at 646.240.5740.

St. Luke’s Online Intercessory Prayer Group

Members of the group receive weekly prayer lists online and join a ministry of keeping the concerns, celebrations, and hopes of Parishioners in their prayers. The group also gathers for occasional Quiet Days. To become a member of the group, or for Quiet Day information, please contact Janet Vetter, or come to a meeting to be a part of this ministry.

Pastoral Care Network Meeting

The Pastoral Care Network provides care for parishioners in need through visiting, prayer, note writing, telephoning, and other forms of reaching out.  It also provides a place of mutual support for all care-givers and seeks to empower parishioners to be present and helpful to people who are experiencing difficulty.  Monthly meetings consist of 3 parts, each lasting about 20 minutes: 1) a review of pastoral needs in the parish and development of plans to address them;  2) a brief training to help develop participants' pastoral skills; and 3) a supportive check-in, where reflection and discussion on experiences in caregiving are invited.  Please contact Fr. Bo Reynolds if you have questions.