Visual Arts


Visual Arts

The Art Guild has been a part of the St Luke‘s community for the past few years. The guild is an ad-hoc group of parishioners, who are also artists, collaborating on different projects to challenge the religious imaginations of the parish.

We are responsible for the Paschal Candle, Stations of the Resurrection, the Stations of the Cross, the Offrenda for All Souls Day, the Advent Stations and the Neapolitan Christmas Crèche.

The 8 scene Stations of the Resurrection have been a part of the parishes Easter celebration for the past few years. John Dugdale, Simon Carr, Joan Goodman, Doug Blanchard, Caroline Borderies, Cindy Brome, Linda Mason and James Middleton were the artists who created this set of stations. They are based on passages from the New Testament where the apostles meet the Risen Christ. In 2017 one of our artist, John Dugdale, was able to sell his artwork and has graciously offered to re- place it with another work. So in 2018 look for a change in the Stations of the Resurrection. There is a liturgy specifically written to walk the Stations on the Wednesdays of Eastertide, the time from Easter to Pentecost, at the 6:15 Holy Eucharist. We hope to add a sculpture piece by Mark Dawson to our Eastertide celebration this year.

For the past few years during Lent we have the traditional 14 Stations of the Cross, each one created by a different artist, including three young artists, hanging in the nave of the church. We have the Stations of the Cross service on Wednesdays in Lent at the 6:15pm Holy Eucharist.

The Offrenda was the idea of former parishioner James Middleton. It is a tradition from Mexico that honors the dead. The Offrenda invites us to spend time with our beloved dead by bringing favorite foods and photos to the church. It is a bright, vibrant and holy way to remember those we have loved and lost. In the past years the Offrenda has become an important past of our All Souls celebration. Remember to bring photos of loved ones you have lost to the Offerenda in late October every year.

The Advent series ―The Ancestors of Christ was again on display this year. Joan Goodman and Simon Carr gave us images of some of the ancestors of Christ based on the genealogies of Christ from the Gospels. There is a stations service on the Tuesdays and Thursdays of Advent during the 6:15pm Holy Eucharist.

The Neapolitan Crèche set was back at the font in 2018 with the addition of some new Neapolitan Crèche figure of two shepherds, two sheep, and three lambs on a base created by Simon Carr. We are calling Shepherd’s Field. It was lovely to have the angels flying again in the church at Christmas time.

  • station-1-2-e1424363109401
  • 2-img_3201
  • 3-b-img_3202
  • 4-a-img_3203
  • 5-img_3224-2
  • 6-a-img_3207-1
  • 7-a-img_3206
  • 8-a-img_3204
  • 001-condemned
  • station-i_-jesus-is-condemned-to-death
  • jesus-is-condemed-to-death-1
  • jesus-takes-up-his-cross
  • jesus-meets-the-women-of-jerusalem
  • jesus-meets-his-afficted-mother
  • jesus-is-stripped-of-his-garments
  • jesus-is-nailed-to-the-cross
  • jesus-falls-the-second-time
  • jesus-falls-the-third-time
  • jesus-falls-the-first-time
  • the-body-of-jesus-is-placed-in-the-arms-of-his-mother
  • the-cross-is-laid-on-simon-of-cyrene-2
  • veronica-wipes-the-face-of-jesus
  • jesus-is-laid-in-the-tomb